6 MEPs can do a lot for Malta, if they work together

6 MEPs can do a lot for Malta, if they work together

In a vlog from the European Parliament in Brussels MEP candidate & former head of European Parliament Office responds to public questions doubting the impact of 6 Maltese MEPs in a chamber of 751.

In his message from a European Parliament committee chamber Agius explains how changing EU laws does not necessarily require convincing hundreds of MEPs if one works diligently and in a technical manner at the committee stage where ‘frequently it is just a matter of convincing 15 MEPs’, Agius explains.

The MEP hopeful Agius closes his vlog saying that changing things in Europe however requires that Maltese MEPs need to work together as a team for Malta to turn the tide and bring results for youth, workers and the sectors of business.

”For this to happen we have to start from our Maltese compatriots, this is why we must invest in having a more sincere political dialogue in Malta.” Agius concludes.

See full vlog and article here, as published on The Malta Independent.

WATCH: Muscat and Sea-Watch

WATCH: Muscat and Sea-Watch

Muscat had five years to avoid Sea-Watch stand-off. Rescue at sea should not be NGO business.

PN MEP candidate Peter Agius points to the Prime Minister’s responsibility in avoiding situations such as the Sea-watch standoff. In a video comment outside the Council of the European Union in Brussels, Agius says PM Muscat had five years’ time to find a solution at the table of the Council of the EU.

The handling of these migrants should not depend on last-minute emergency phone calls between Muscat and other European leaders while asylum seekers are left stranded in our waters, said the former head of the European Parliament Office and Tajani speechwriter Peter Agius.

Agius also points out that rescue of migrants at sea should not be NGO business, but be reserved to competent authorities including Maltese AFM and Frontex, which should be assigned the resources to be up to the task.


Watch video here as published on the Malta Independent.