European Commission reply to Peter Agius on wheat export restrictions by Hungary to Malta.

European Commission reply to Peter Agius on wheat export restrictions by Hungary to Malta.

European Commission acts upon Peter Agius letter on wheat export restrictions to Malta, asks Hungary to repeal national law restricting exports.

We must remain vigilant to secure food supply to Malta in these times of crises: Peter Agius

European Commissioners Wojciechowski and Breton have written to Hungarian authorities asking them to repeal the Hungarian law restricting exports of wheat and other grains to Malta. The Hungarian restrictions were flagged by Peter Agius in a letter to the European Commission on 7 March. In a letter of reply to PN spokesperson Peter Agius, the European Commissioners describe the grain export restrictions as a ‘serious and prima facie unjustified restriction on the free movement of goods’. The Commissioners inform Agius that they wrote to Hungarian authorities asking them to withdraw the decree.

Earlier in March Agius had written to the European Commission alerting it to restrictions to exports being applied or considered by Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania. Agius asked the European Commission to intervene to secure the freedoms of the European Union and food security in Malta, with wheat being a fundamental supply source for the production of over 80% of bread and bread products consumed in Malta.

‘We must remain vigilant to ensure the Maltese people enjoy their rights in the EU. We must not let our guard down. Putin’s senseless aggression on Ukraine has put several markets under stress. We must not allow European Member States to turn their back on Treaty obligations and act protectionist in this moment where solidarity should prevail. This is what Union Membership is all about and we must stand ready to fight for it whenever it does not deliver to the Maltese people’s expectations.’ said Peter Agius in reaction to the European Commission’s reply.

Read the EU Commission’s full reply here.

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