Sigurta tal-Ikel – Proposta li ser tolqot lir-Raħħala Maltin – Eżami tal-Impatt fuq Malta – Prezz tal-Art f’ Malta u Għawdex

Sigurta tal-Ikel – Proposta li ser tolqot lir-Raħħala Maltin – Eżami tal-Impatt fuq Malta – Prezz tal-Art f’ Malta u Għawdex

Qed nippreżenta ittra lill-Kummissarji Ewropej. Tridu tqisu aktar is-sitwazzjoni speċifika ta’ Malta qabel tressqu liġijiet li ser jaffetwawna. Dan qed nagħmlu kif wgħedt lir-raħħala u l-konsumaturi Maltin. Ser nibqa nkun il-vuċi tagħkom.
Aqra l-ittra sħiħa hawnekk:
European Commission reply to Peter Agius on wheat export restrictions by Hungary to Malta.

European Commission reply to Peter Agius on wheat export restrictions by Hungary to Malta.

European Commission acts upon Peter Agius letter on wheat export restrictions to Malta, asks Hungary to repeal national law restricting exports.

We must remain vigilant to secure food supply to Malta in these times of crises: Peter Agius

European Commissioners Wojciechowski and Breton have written to Hungarian authorities asking them to repeal the Hungarian law restricting exports of wheat and other grains to Malta. The Hungarian restrictions were flagged by Peter Agius in a letter to the European Commission on 7 March. In a letter of reply to PN spokesperson Peter Agius, the European Commissioners describe the grain export restrictions as a ‘serious and prima facie unjustified restriction on the free movement of goods’. The Commissioners inform Agius that they wrote to Hungarian authorities asking them to withdraw the decree.

Earlier in March Agius had written to the European Commission alerting it to restrictions to exports being applied or considered by Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania. Agius asked the European Commission to intervene to secure the freedoms of the European Union and food security in Malta, with wheat being a fundamental supply source for the production of over 80% of bread and bread products consumed in Malta.

‘We must remain vigilant to ensure the Maltese people enjoy their rights in the EU. We must not let our guard down. Putin’s senseless aggression on Ukraine has put several markets under stress. We must not allow European Member States to turn their back on Treaty obligations and act protectionist in this moment where solidarity should prevail. This is what Union Membership is all about and we must stand ready to fight for it whenever it does not deliver to the Maltese people’s expectations.’ said Peter Agius in reaction to the European Commission’s reply.

Read the EU Commission’s full reply here.

Programm ġo Brussell għal Studenti tal-Ġurnaliżmu u Ġurnalisti Żgħażagħ

Programm ġo Brussell għal Studenti tal-Ġurnaliżmu u Ġurnalisti Żgħażagħ

Il-Kummissjoni Ewropea qed toffri programm ta’ ġimgħatejn fi Brussell li jinkludi taħriġ u esperjenza diretta tal-istituzzjonijiet Ewropew fi Brussell bl-ispejjeż koperti. Dan jgħodd għal studenti tal-ġurnaliżmu kif ukoll għal ġurnalisti li għadhom kif bdew il-karriera.

Opportunita’ interessanti għal dawk interessati fil-ġurnaliżmu kif ukoll inizjattiva utli biex nissensibilizzaw aktar il-media Maltija għall-operat kumpless iżda dejjem aktar relevanti tal-unjoni Ewropea.

Idħol hawn biex tapplika

Ikkuntattjani direttament jekk nista’ ngħin jew nikkjarifika xi punti.

Għoddni tiegħek,

Peter Agius

Ibgħat l-indirizz u nibgħatulek żerriegħa tal-fjuri

Ibgħat l-indirizz u nibgħatulek żerriegħa tal-fjuri

Kontra l-pandemija niżirgħu ftit kulur.

Qed inqassmu żerriegħa ta’ 11-il-tip ta’ fjuri annwali u biennali:

Zinnia, ‘Pot Marigolds’, Verbascum, Digitalis, Lavatera, Lupins, Tagetes, Aster, Rudbeckia, Scabiosa u Cosmos.

Ibgħat l-indirizz tiegħek b’messaġġ privat u nibgħatulek iż-żerriegħa d-dar.

Grazzi kbira lill-kollaboraturi li qed jgħinu f’din l-inizjattiva.

1. Prepara roqgħa art imħallta bil-kompost jew pot imdaqqsa; saqqi sew.

2. Xerred iż-żerriegħa bi ftit distanza bejn waħda jew oħra (pakkett iservi għal 3 pots jew għal 2 metri kwadri fl-art).

3. Għafas ftit iż-żerriegħa biex ikolla kuntatt mal-ħamrija.

4. Għatti bi ftit għabra fina.

5. IMPORTANTI: Żomm l-art niedja regolarment, saqqi ftit kuljum għall-ewwel ġimgħatejn bil-mod b’bexxiexa ‘spray’ b’mod li ma ċċaqlaqx wisq il-ħamrija.

6. Gawdi r-riżultat 🙂


Opportunity for Maltese Architects and Designers: New European Bauhaus launched in Brussels

Opportunity for Maltese Architects and Designers: New European Bauhaus launched in Brussels

Attention Maltese designers, architects, artists, digital experts, scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers and students.


An initiative of potential interest for Maltese Architects was launched in Brussels this week. The NEW EUROPEAN BAUHAUS.

The term may look foreign – but it is essentially an expression of a concept where form follows function, where design promotes sustainability and inclusion in our societies.

Malta right now could possibly be a good hub for this New European Bauhaus to concretise for instance societal needs for more greenery in urban areas, or a facilitated use of our seas as waterways in our daily lives or enhanced energy performance in buildings.

The New European Bauhaus initiative is a recently launched network of innovators to help create new communities, share information and inspire beyond borders.

There are tens of prizes to be won to promote the concepts, starting from this summer awards.

Do not be put off if you do not see anything of interest in the website as yet – these are early days, you can work on your own initiative and start pitching it to the NEB in the ideas section.

The initial phase is to invest in networking and sharing ideas. A call for proposals for concrete projects will follow.

The whole thing is evolving as we speak and it promises to attract good EU and private funding with leverage across several European Commission DGs.

So, if you have 10 minutes, I invite you to read through it.

On my part, I am at your disposal for questions or if I can help with contacts or further information.


Kind regards,

Peter Agius



Letter to Peter Jahr MEP on the  Voluntary Coupled Support provisions in the CAP reform dossier

Letter to Peter Jahr MEP on the Voluntary Coupled Support provisions in the CAP reform dossier

>> Read the full letter here <<

Dear Mr Jahr,

I am writing to you with regard to the Voluntary Coupled Support provisions in the CAP reform dossier under your rapporteurship.

I am a political activist with the EPP – Nationalist Party – in Malta and ran with my colleagues Roberta Metsola and David Casa for the last European election. My campaign and message were heavily oriented towards the need to adapt the European project to respond to the aspirations and the particular context of the Maltese islands.

My visits to farms, fields and greenhouses revealed how the Maltese farmer was largely suffering EU membership rather than benefiting from it due to serious competitiveness issues and years of missed adaptation.

The upcoming CAP reform can make this worse, or better. The provisions on voluntary coupled support right now enable large sectors of our agricultural communities to remain competitive thanks to workable processing relationships and with relatively minimal support. The voluntary coupled support in the tomato sector, for instance, ensures that Maltese farmers can sell their sun-ripe tomatoes for processing into tomato sauce and the Maltese famous ‘kunserva’, exported also to Germany. The VCS is the little trigger that allows a whole system to thrive. Should this come missing, the Maltese tomatoes will, almost certainly, be replaced with Chinese mass produced tomato paste imported in the mega tonnes. I am sure that this is not our common intention for the common market.

That would happen if you do not change the text voted by the European Parliament. The text of the last vote in plenary includes an arbitrary capping to VCS which is tailored on much bigger territories. It would have a disproportionate, and I guess, unintended, impact on farming in Malta.

Malta is 30 kilometers wide(!) – we need the VCS provisions to be capped in a different manner. For this reason, I plead on you, as a representative of the peoples of Europe, to consider accepting the text of the Council of Ministers in your upcoming trialogue negotiations, and in particular the proviso to sub-Article 5 of Article 86 and namely: ”By way of derogation from the first and second subparagraphs, Member States may choose to use up to EUR 3 million per year for financing coupled income support. ”. Apart for being a de minimis provision in the context of the relevant provisions, this proviso would allow for the Union to legislate for a sound CAP reform while respecting the particular setting of small member states like Malta.

With kind regards and appreciation for your consideration,

Peter Agius

Risposta tal-Kummissajru Sinkevičius għall-ittra tiegħi

Risposta tal-Kummissajru Sinkevičius għall-ittra tiegħi

Aqra’ l-ittra hawn >> Risposta tal-Kummissajru Sinkevičius għall-ittra tiegħi

Brussels MARE.D.1/JB/

Subject: Reported incidents at sea in the dolphinfish fishery

Dear Mr Agius,

Thank you for your recent letter to Commissioner Sinkevičius on the serious incidents that were recently reported in the Mediterranean in the context of the dolphinfish fishery.

As you are aware, the fight against illegal fishing is one of the Commissioner’s priorities, as is the safety of fishermen at sea. In this context I would like to reassure you that the Commission takes the events you referred to very seriously. I also thank you for having communicated with us last year to help raise awareness on this issue.

Firstly, I would like to recall that, as a general matter, the EU supports countries such as Tunisia, through its neighbourhood policy, in fulfilling their international obligations.

As you indicated yourself, these types of incidents are not new. In close cooperation with the Maltese authorities, we have prepared last year GFCM measures, which were eventually adopted and entered into force on 18 April 2020. This is Recommendation GFCM/43/2019/1 on a set of management measures for the use of anchored fish aggregating devices in common dolphinfish fisheries in the Mediterranean Sea. It provides for a framework at international level to address this recurring problem. The adoption of this recommendation is an important development for the management and governance of this fishery. In particular, as you might know, it provides for a prohibition to fish under Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) that have been set up by vessels from another country, as well as the possibility to adopt a code of conduct for this fishery.

We have recently met with the Maltese authorities to discuss how the Commission could further support Malta to address this situation. We are currently exploring with them how to best involve the European Fisheries Control Agency (EFCA) in this matter in support of the control of the GFCM measures, and in particular the prohibition for non-Maltese vessels to fish under Maltese FADs. This would provide added benefits to the patrol means already employed by the Maltese Government. In cooperation with other Member States, notably Italy, we are also considering reinforcing the control of catch certificates for imported dolphinfish, in order to detect possible illegally caught fish on the EU market.

In the longer term, we are reflecting about all other possible actions we could carry out in the future in accordance with the GFCM recommendation.

As you can see, we can congratulate ourselves for the adoption of the GFCM dolphinfish recommendation, which provides us with new and meaningful leverage to address these incidents. We are now working on using this leverage in the interest of improving governance in the dolphinfish fishery and protect Maltese fishermen and their activities.

Yours sincerely,

Veronika VEITS

Acting Director


Ittra Lill-Kunsill Nazzjonali tal-Ilsien Malti

Ittra Lill-Kunsill Nazzjonali tal-Ilsien Malti

Lill-Kunsill Nazzjonali tal-Ilsien Malti
Iċ-Ċentru tal-Kurrikulu
Triq Sarria
Il-Furjana FRN 1460

Illum is-26 ta’ Settembru 2020, il-Jum Ewropew tal-Lingwi

Għażiż President,

Għeżież Membri,

L-ilsien Malti huwa element ewlieni li jagħmilna min aħna, li jsawwarna f’poplu distint u uniku fost il-ġnus. Għalhekk meta dħalna fl-Unjoni Ewropea insistejna u nnegozjajna, kultant kontra lkurrent, biex il-Malti jkun meqjus lingwa uffiċjali tal-Unjoni.

Minn dik il-kisba twieldu ħafna oħrajn. Industrija tat-traduzzjoni b’bosta kumpanniji Malta u mijiet ta’ impjegati barra. Dan għen ukoll b’mod indirett għall-konsolidament u r-rispett akbar tal-lingwa fostna stess.

Meta fl-2004 l-istituzzjonijiet Ewropej adottaw Deroga għall-ilsien Malti, jien kont iġġelidt biex din ma tiġix estiża. Bħala kandidat MEP u anke bħala funzjonarju Ewropew imbuttajt dejjem lugwaljanza tal-lingwi u l-użu tal-Malti b’mod partikolari, tant li dejjem ktibt lill-Istituzzjonijiet Ewropej bil-Malti u insistejt li jirrisponduni bil-Malti. Mal-President tal-Parlament Ewropew Tajani dejjem insistejt li d-diskorsi ewlenin tiegħu jkunu tradotti u mxerrda bil-Malti wkoll, dan għall-ewwel darba fil-Parlament Ewropew.

Ċert li m’iniex waħdi f’din l-għożża ta’ lsienna. Mijiet jew eluf oħrajn, inkluż intom fuq dan il- Kunsill, iġġibu ’l quddiem il-Malti f’kull aspett tal-ħajja. Huwa għaldaqstant ta’ niket u rabja għalija li nikkostata li l-Gvern Malti, dak li jrid jimplimenta u jħares l-aktar il-kisbiet u d-dinjit. tagħna fl-Ewropa, qiegħed sistematikament iċedi u jirrinunzja għad-dritt tagħna l-Maltin li nitkellmu, niktbu u nirċievu lura risposti bil-Malti.

Dan jidher ċar minn serje ta’ sentenzi tal-Qorti tal-Ġustizzja Ewropea fejn il-Qorti tieħu nota li lkawża tista’ ssir bl-Ingliż għax il-Gvern Malti jirrinunzja għad-dritt li ssir bil-Malti. Fil-fatt minn 21 kawża li involvew lil Malta fl-aħħar snin, kienu biss 8 istanzi fejn il-Gvern Malti uża l-ilsien Malti. Fi 13-il kawża irrinunzja għad-dritt li jressaq il-kawża bil-Malti.

Dik l-istess attitudni ta’ disprezz lejn l-ilsien tagħna issa qed tidher ukoll f’serje sħiħa ta’ deċiżjonijiet u korrispondenza bil-miktub tal-Gvern Malti mal-Kummissjoni Ewropea fejn il- Kummissjoni qed tiddikjara li l-Gvern Malti jirrinunzja għad-dritt li għandu skont l-Artikolu 342 tat-Trattat dwar il-Funzjonament tal-Unjoni Ewropea u skont ir-Regolament 1/1958 li effettivament jikteb u jistenna risposta mill-istituzzjonijiet kollha Ewropej fil-lingwa Maltija, u qiegħed minflok jikteb u jistenna risposta biss fil-lingwa Ingliża. Qed nannetti hawnhekk eżempju wieħed ta’ din il-prattika biss b’xhieda ta’ prattika mifruxa u sistematika (vide paragrafu 2).

Dan huwa assolutament inaċċettabbli. Lanqas nista’ biss nimmaġina pajjiż ieħor fl-Ewropa li jasal li jittratta l-ilsien tiegħu b’dan il-mod. Nixtieq nissottolinea li fl-Ewropa ma nistgħux niġu rispettati jekk ma nafux nirrispettaw lilna nfusna. Mingħajr ma nelabora f’dettall, nemmen li intom konxji wkoll tal-impatt dirett ta’ prattika bħal din fuq il-bżonn ta’ tradutturi, interpreti u qarrejja tal-provi fl-istituzzjonijiet Ewropej kif ukoll tal-ħafna effetti indiretti, fosthom fuq ilqasam kbir tat-tagħlim ta’ lsienna u l-kuraġġ lil dawk kollha involuti fih.

Għalhekk qed nikteb lilkom illum, il-Jum Ewropew tal-Lingwi, bħala l-istituzzjoni Maltija responsabbli mill-promozzjoni u d-difiża tal-ilsien Malti, b’talba biex tikkunsidraw dawn il-fatti hawn fuq u biex tieħdu azzjoni adegwata f’dan ir-rigward bil-ħsieb li l-ħsara li qed issir tiġi indirizzata u kkoreġuta fil-ġejjieni. Qed nikkopja wkoll għall-korrettezza u għall-informazzjoni lill-Ministru għall-Affarijiet Ewropej l-Onorevoli Evarist Bartolo kif ukoll lill-Ministru tal- Edukazzjoni l-Onorevoli Owen Bonnici.

Dispost nelabora aktar jekk meħtieġ.

Nistenna mingħandkom,

Peter Agius

Kandidat Elezzjoni Ewropea


L-Onorevoli Ministru għall-Affarijiet Ewropej Evarist Bartolo

L-Onorevoli Ministru tal-Edukazzjoni Owen Bonnici

L-Akkademja tal-Malti

Id-Dipartiment tat-Traduzzjoni u Interpretazzjoni fl-Universit. ta’ Malta

L-Għaqda tal-Qarrejja tal-Provi bil-Malti


>> Ittra Lill-Kunsill Nazzjonali tal-Ilsien Malti <<

>>Anness: Deċiżjoni tal-Kummissjoni Ewropea (2020) 6220 final tat-8 ta’ Settembru 2020<<

Ittra lil Virginijus Sinkevičius dwar is-sajd għall-lampuki

Ittra lil Virginijus Sinkevičius dwar is-sajd għall-lampuki

Lil Virginijus Sinkevičius, Kummissarju Ewropew għall-Affarijiet Marittimi u s-Sajd

cc. Charlina Vitcheva Direttriċi Ġenerali għall-Affarijiet Marittimi u s-Sajd

cc. Valerie Laine, Kap tal-Unita

Il-Kummissjoni Ewropea


Għażiż Kummissajru,

Fis-sittax ta’Jannar 2019 ktibt lis-servizzi tiegħek fejn spjegajt fid-dettall is-sitwazzjoni fl-ibħra Maltin u dawk konfinanti dwar is-sajd għall-lampuki (coryphaena hippurus). Il-Kummissjoni irrispondiet l-ittra tiegħi (Ref. Ares(2019)1566697 – 08/03/2019) u wara ressqet proposti fi ħdan il-GFCM biex jiġu rikonoxxuti u protetti l-kannizzati tas-sajjieda Maltin u Għawdxin. Ta’ dan nirringrazzjak.

L-isfond ta’ din it-talba li qed nagħmel illum jibqa dak deskritt fl-ittra tas-16 ta’ Jannar. Sfortunatment, u minkejja li issa jeżistu disposizzjonijiet aktar ċari tal-GFCM, u minkejja wegħda pubblika mill-awtoritajiet Maltin li jkunu preżenti fl-ibħra konċernati, is-sitwazzjoni ma’ tjiebet xejn, tant li sa din il-ġimgħa stess daħlu rapporti li s-sajjieda Maltin u Għawdxin qed jerġgħu jisfaw misruqa kontinwament mis-sajjieda Tuneżini li qed jaħsdu l-frott li jkunu żergħu u kkultivaw huma – u ċioe, jistadu fuq il-kannizzati li jkunu ġew preparati mis-sajjieda Maltin u f’ħafna każijiet jagħmlu ħsara irreparabbli lill-istess kannizzati.

Jeħtieġ nindirizzaw din il-kwistjoni b’mod aktar dirett mal-awtoritajiet Tuneżini kif ukoll malawtoritajiet Taljani. Nitolbok ġentilment għaldaqstant tikkunsidra dawn id-domandi għal risposta kif ukoll għal azzjoni immedjata (ġialadarba l-istaġun huwa limitat u jagħlaq f’Diċembru) min naħa tiegħek:

1. Tikkonferma li l-Unjoni Ewropea tat fondi lit-Tuneżija biex il-bastimenti Tuneżini jkunu ekwipaġġjati bi tracking system VMS (VesselMonitoring System)?. Jidher li tali fondi jinkludu apparat għal control room, taħriġ għal spetturi Tunezini biex ikunu kompetenti jaħdmu fil-control room kif ukoll VMS tracking systems għal fuq ilbastimenti nfushom li skont ir-rakkomandazzjoni tal-GFCM huma obbligatorji għal kull bastiment akbar minn 15-il-metru. Nitlob ġentilment l-assistenza tal-Kummissjoni Ewropea biex tivverifika jekk it-tali tracking systems hux qed jintużaw kif mistenni mill-bastimenti Tuneżini li jistadu fl-ibħra internazzjonali u jekk dan huwa l-każ, jistgħux l-awtoritajiet Tuneżini jagħtu rapport dettaljat tas-sajd ta’ bastimenti Tuneżini fl-ibħra fil-Lbiċ u fil-Majjistral ta’ Malta fejn is-sajjieda Maltin għandhom it-tagħmir tagħhom.

2. L-Aġenzija Ewropea tal-Kontroll tas-Sajd għandha kompetenza biex tissorvelja losservanza tar-regoli fl-ibħra internazzjonali. Dan diġà qed isir regolarment u b’ċerta effiċjenza fis-sajd għat-tonn. Fil-fehma tiegħek, ikun għaqli li din l-Aġenzija tissorvelja s-sajd għall-lampuki fl-ibħra konċernati u taġixxi b’deterrent għas-sajd illegali fuq skaptu privat?

3. Bħal ma nafu, biex tindirizza sajd illegali trid tindirizza s-suq tiegħu. Jiena infurmat li uħud mill-bastimenti Tuneżini involuti fis-sajd illegali fuq skaptu ta’ sajjieda Maltin u Għawdxin jidħlu f’portijiet Taljani sabiex ibiegħu il-qabda tagħhom. Insaqsi lillKummissjoni Ewropea jekk dina tistax titlob rapport dettaljat, kif suppost isir taħt irregoli viġenti, dwar il-landings ta’ lampuki fil-portijiet Taljani u partikolarment dawk li jsiru minn bastimenti Tuneżini awtorizzati biex iħottu f’portijiet Taljani. Insaqsi wkoll jekk il-Kummissjoni Ewropea flimkien mal-awtoritajiet Taljani hix f’posizzjoni li tidentifika u tindirizza każijiet suspettati ta’ frodi tas-sajd fejn bastimenti mhux awtorizzati jħottu f’portijiet Taljani jkunu qed jittrasferixxu l-qabda tagħhom fuq bastimenti li jkunu hekk awtorizzati. Nitlob ukoll li l-azzjoni taħt dan il-punt tiġi abbinata l-azzjoni taħt punt 1, u ċioe, li jsir monitoraġġ tal-moviment tal-bastimenti Tuneżini mill-ibħra konċernati sal-portijiet Taljani u viċe versa.

4. Teżisti l-possibilita’ li l-bastimenti involuti fis-sajd illegali in kwistjoni jkun qed joperaw mingħajr il-Vessel Monitoring System minkejja li din hija obbligatorja skont id-disposizzjonijiet tal-GFCM. Nitlob f’dan il-kuntest li l-Kummissjoni Ewropea titlob rendikont mill-awtoritajiet Tuneżini u mis-Segretarjat tal-GFCM dwar limplimentazzjoni ta’ dawn l-obbligi u nsaqsi jekk huwiex possibbli għall-Kummiss joni Ewropea u l-GFCM li jsiru spot checks abbażi tar-ritratti ta’ bastimenti Tuneżini meħuda b’mod regolari mis-sajjieda Maltin (3 ritratti reċenti mehmuża għal dan ilgħan).

Nirringrazzjak tal-konsiderazzjoni tiegħek u nistenna mingħandek,

Peter Agius

Kandidat għall-Elezzjoni Ewropea


Anness – Ritratti ta’ bastimenti Tuneżini mehmuża:

>> Link għall-ittra formali li intbgħatet fid-9 ta’ Settembru <<

Peter Agius: A Good Reason To Vote – My Mission To Get The Best Opportunities For Malta

Peter Agius: A Good Reason To Vote – My Mission To Get The Best Opportunities For Malta

People need a good reason to vote, that’s always been clear. It may seem to some that the MEP elections is just another day of voting, but the EU can have a massive affect on the everyday lives of Maltese people. We can’t miss the opportunity to elect the best people to represent us in Brussels. We have just 6 of them, as opposed to 60 or 90 for other EU countries… so we really need to pick up the aces.

1.PN candidate against all the odds

I was still working in Brussels with European Parliament President Antonio Tajani when I accepted the call to run for MEP in September, leaving little room for political campaigning in Malta.

My friends told me ‘you don’t need this’ given that I am an established EU official. Those closest to me told me this is the worst time ever to be the foot soldier for the Nationalist Party, and yet, I felt this is the moment where my energy and experience are needed, to keep labour in check and to work towards results for Malta and the Maltese.

56330953 326034208096507 4154375024783917056 N

2. So why I am running?

I’ve seen first hand how Europe can make a huge difference to sectors of society and am deeply concerned that we took a confrontational relationship with EU and are disregarding many opportunities passing by unnoticed.

My campaign looks to give people a good reason to vote. A reason that goes straight to the heart of their work, values, and everyday lives. I want to communicate this in a frank and direct style, no BS, no frills – but rife with researched ideas and substance.

I am building this campaign on 16 years experience in the EU institutions, and then applying that knowledge to my visits to businesses, workers and campuses all over the islands. From fields to factories to workshops, offices, student cafes and fishing trawlers, I met thousands of ambitious Maltese, Gozitans and Expats with a view to test my proposals to bring European solutions to local problems.

The amazing thing about this is that then I found a big big family ready to endorse my ideas and turn them into policies. That’s what I am doing within the Nationalist Party. My little seeds have found very fertile soil. With the party we presented 6 main proposals so far, from proposals to tap into EU direct funds for small businesses, to measures to strengthen public service, to concrete ways to promote the Maltese product.

This is an amazing opportunity that everyone should consider. The PN is sometimes seen as weak from the outside, but in reality it is a party open to ideas, open to input from all those of good will. It’s true that we need to improve, but I’d rather improve with the open minded than side with arrogant know-it-alls.

56276054 2216604035322229 5317550811054604288 N

3. An MEP can move mountains – We need the best 6

An MEP can move mountains if they can make the most out of the many opportunities available for the country.

Yes, laws can often be drawn up with other realities in mind beyond Malta, but it is up to us to mould EU laws that fit our country better. Like a glove which needs to fit our hands, not too tight.

This is why we need to make sure that we are putting the very best people in Brussels, who can push forward the issues facing our younger generations, workers, and business so we can truly take the next step forward.

4.‘Rebbiegha li jmiss’ – 7 results for Malta

I think former PN leader Eddie Fenech Adami best summed up Malta’s special experience in Europe by saying that our country had entered a ‘New Spring’ through EU membership.

Being part of the EU has certainly yielded its fruit, but more must be done to prolong this season of plenty, a key reason why my campaign motto is ‘Rebbiegha li jmiss’ or ‘The Next Spring’.

This is why I’ve outlined 7 results that we can achieve if I am elected as an MEP. By placing proper emphasis on EU funding, we can provide incredible opportunities to youths, the civil service, business, SMEs and our unique Maltese identity.

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5. Let’s treble our ambition on youth opportunities

Only 1 in 20 Maltese youths get to benefit from EU programmes right now. New EU money can treble our participation rate in work placements, traineeships, studies or volunteer experience abroad. Let us seize that opportunity! We need to invest in capacity building and awareness, an MEP can take that process by the hand with interventions from Brussels.

We are too small an island to restrict younger generations to the country, who need to be able to gather crucial experiences abroad to have an invaluable effect on Malta.

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6. Putting local farmers and fisherman at the forefront of the agenda

We are what we eat. Right now we import 70% of our food, while our own farmers go bankrupt. We cannot depend so heavily on foreign imports. What happens if there is a food crises abroad?

Since July last year, I have practically forced the serious issues facing farmers onto the national agenda, with Party Leader Adrian Delia and MEPs like Alfred Sant now making Maltese agriculture a key part of their politics.

I also lobbied the European Commission to properly address the concerns facing our fisherman, particularly when it comes to lampuki. This I did as a candidate… imagine as an MEP.

7. The union must respect the diversity of EU Member States

Malta is unique, we all know that. This is why we need a European Union that respects our country’s particular characteristics and become a platform for our culture, language and traditions.

There is really so much more we can do if by using the right approach and work together.

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8. My positive politics can help everyone

I’ve always believed that positive politics can make sure that everyone in society benefits, no matter where you come from or whom you vote for.

With the number of disenfranchised or floating voters only growing, I am certain that I can be a representative in the EU for the entire country.

The Labour Party, it seems, has taken note taking me to task on anything imaginable, with One TV even running a segment to mock my cooking abilities …which I’ll admit can improve.

To be honest, I don’t blame them feeling the heat when I am offering the kind of politics that can actually deliver clear solutions that truly affect the everyday lives of people in Malta.

At the end of it all, criticism is always healthy. It is the only way we can strive to go one step further and deliver better results for every person in the entire country.

I’ll be happy to chat on messenger or directly in public comments on FB page PeterAgiusMalta and instagram where you can also follow details on the 7 areas and respective results we can achieve together.


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